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PLEASE review our policies and read this before booking

1.  Are you pet friendly? Yes, we are. Cats & Dogs, please no snakes or exotic reptiles. :)  There is as $30 non refundable pet fee charged per pet per stay regardless of size or breed or length of stay. Maximum number of pets per room is 3 (THREE). Please review our pet policy before booking. Dogs left unattended and barking inside or outside of rooms will not be tolerated.

2. Do your rooms face the ocean? NO, all our rooms are perpendicular to the ocean, but the water is only 200 feet away and is visible from outside the upstairs Group Rooms, a few of the budget rooms that are poolside and the restaurant.  

3. Do your rooms have coffee pots?  No, but there is room to bring one if you are booked into a Standard Room, Family Room or Group Room.


4. Can I bring a crockpot or hotplate to cook in my room?  No, there is no cooking allowed in any room outside of use of microwave in larger rooms. We do offer two outside spaces for grilling.

5. Do any of the rooms have suites or living rooms?  NO, we are just a simple MOTEL on the beach, no couches, recliners, tables, chairs, bathtubs, stoves, ovens, bed turndowns or fancy chocolates on pillows. :) 

6. ​Is there daily housekeeping?  No. We will never enter your room once you check in. If you need clean linens or towels, just let the restaurant or housekeeper know and they will get you sorted. 

7. Is there a ramp or boardwalk to the beach?  ​NO, it is a half dozen stairs down to the sand and a short walk to the ocean.

8. Are you handicap accessible? Yes, but only Family Room 12 and 14 are ADA equipped with doors large enough for "wheelchair" entry.  We have one handicap parking spot and ramps to the first floor rooms and the restaurant.

9. Are there landline phones in the room? No

10. Do you have room service or can you charge food items to your room?  No, but the restaurant is just a few feet away.

11. Do you have wifi? YES, but when 50K people come on the island during any weekend during the Summer, bandwidth goes down and there can be spotty service. Nothing we can do about this though, try unplugging and taking a walk to the ocean? :0

12. Do you have rollaway beds or cribs?  NO, but there is room in the Standard Rooms, Family Rooms or Group Rooms for small pack and plays.


13. Are the rooms rates higher on the weekend? No, the room rates are the same whether weekday or weekends.

14. Can you bring air mattresses?  There is NO room for air mattresses in the Budget, Standard or Family Rooms and each room has occupancy limits. Inquire with reservations about bringing air mattresses for any Group Room.

15. Do you have full kitchens? NO, only the Family Rooms and Group Rooms have a microwave and full size refrigerator. No hot plates or other cooking equipment is allowed on property.

16. Does your property have an elevator to the upstairs rooms? No, there is no elevator on property.

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