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Lodge Policies

Check-In & Check-Out
Check-in is at 3pm. 
Check-in is located inside the restaurant before 9pm. Please call reservations by 5pm if arriving later than 9pm. 

Check-out is anytime before 11am.
Room keys must be turned in at restaurant at check-out for key deposit reimbursement. Keys taken home or left in the room or door will forfeit the key deposit.

There is no cooking inside rooms on hot plates or toaster ovens and no grilling outside on boardwalks or on the upstairs deck. There are designated grilling areas outside that can be used by in-house guests on a first come first served basis. Customer must supply their own charcoal and grilling tools. Small coffee makers are allowed.

**If anyone is caught grilling in undesignated areas, they will be asked to leave immediately with zero refund!

Pool is open daily until 10pm. All children must be accompanied by an adult. There is no smoking, glass bottles, food or pets allowed around pool.

The Port A Beachlodge has a NON-SMOKING & NON-VAPING policy inside any guest room or the restaurant. Smoking is allowed outside guest rooms, on the restaurant's front patio and the side veranda. We have a minimum $250 cleaning fee imposed for smoking or vaping inside any room. Please dispose of all cigarette butts appropriately. Your complete cooperation is expected.

*Any violation of these policies will result in the need to find other accommodations immediately. Refunds will not be considered.

Right To Refuse Service and Liability

The Port A Beachlodge has the right to refuse service or suspend or revoke lodging privileges to any guest who is not following rules, is unreasonably rowdy or disturbing the use and enjoyment of others, including staff and volunteers.

The Port A Beachlodge is not responsible for bodily injury, damage or theft of a vehicle, or theft/damage of personal items or valuables while on property. 

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